Monday, July 9, 2012


So this is my 'Peter- Partridge' version of 'doodle-art'. I will 'splain... 

This doodly-stuff appears anytime I am on the phone with a pad and pen. The longer the conversation, the more pages stuffed full of squiggles, spirals, stars, flowers  

Yeah,  o.k. I don't even really have to be on the phone. Plop me anywhere with a blank notepad and whammo!  brain engages auto -free-range-chicken mode.

HEY!!!  I am not alone here!!! I know there are lot of other  doodle chickens out there! 

Funny thing is, whenever I doodle, I hear the 'Partridge Family' theme... you know, 'C'mon get happy'? 
How can you not be happy when you hear that song? and dancing... and toe-tappin... It's fine DOODLE MUSIC!!!

'Peter' is in honor of Peter Max, my high school art hero hero. Stacks of doodle-filled notebooks will attest to my adoration of Peter Max. Not one algebra equation in the bunch. Go figure...
I still love Peter Max.

So I am doodling my doodles on canvas, sharing with you with a message that is my MANTRA, and the title of my NEW SERIES of paintings ( more about that later! )


ENJOY this piece of Lori Franklin original doodlicious art! 

Print it out. Keep it. Crop it. Mess with it. Photoshop it. Improve upon it. You can make it better. Show me.

Or share it with someone who might appreciate a dose of HAPPY.

We are all leafs on the same art tree.

please leave a comment and follow my blog - I appreciate each one of you so much!


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